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Find out what we've done so far, what we are doing and what we are planning next!


You might also consider how you can use your talents to work in a job that will have a positive impact on the future - Real Cool Futures!

Also worth a look - and competitions to enter too... http://www.coolitschools.com/what


PF's gas, electricity and water usage is being monitored



the World is AWESOME!


 Key projects  ...





In the news... Arctic Sea Ice




watch this! (The Story of Stuff!)




We all supported  WWF's Earth Hour in 2011 and 2012 AND 2013 AND we will keep going!




Comments (6)

seasontse said

at 5:37 pm on Dec 15, 2009

This is such an educational but Shocking video!
We as a part of the school should definitely reduce our rubbish and STOP CLIMATE CHANGE!
We should all start by watching this video!

catrin treanor said

at 12:28 am on Dec 16, 2009

I agree! Have you watched the latest film - 'The Age of Stupid'?

nigel swansborough said

at 3:00 am on Dec 16, 2009

I'v seen "The Age of stupid" and think we should look at the possibility of a school screening, it's a very thought provocing film.

nigel swansborough said

at 3:12 am on Feb 2, 2010

I'v just watched the video clip and signed up to Earth hour, I think the school should do the same and support the event. But, I can't help thinking that every hour should be Earth hour!

catrin treanor said

at 2:00 pm on Feb 5, 2010

We have signed up and Grrreen girls are going to promote the event - starting with open day. have to agree with you though so we still need to get everyone to be more conscientious about not wasting energy...

nigel swansborough said

at 7:21 am on Jun 2, 2010

Due to my being very busy at the moment I am going to change the way that I read the meters, From now on I will read Gas and electricity monthly instead of weekly, and will now include water use. Once I have some results I will publish the info on a new page so that we can compare and contrast all the meter readings together, we should be able to spot any trends as well.

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