Switch Off Fortnight




Switch-Off Fortnight is taking place nationally from 2 to 13 November. It’s a campaign that’s all about encouraging young people to think about how we use electricity and energy and showing them how simple steps can make a big difference for the environment.  As part of ‘Switch off Fortnight’   and as part of our 10:10 campaign we are encouraging everyone in school to make more effort to Switch off any electrical appliances completely. This includes lights when you leave a room and anything you would usually leave on standby overnight.  This week Grrreen members have done an undercover audit of how bad we are at leaving on lights around school. We are hoping that if everyone makes more effort next week the next time an audit is done there will be a significant difference!  We will report back and let you know, in the meantime please do your bit at home too! For tips on how you could save on your home energy bills visit: www.teamgreenbritain.org/podathome