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Food Wastage Facts

Page history last edited by seasontse 10 years, 5 months ago

PF Girls WASTE A Lot!


I believe that every single of us is familiar with the phase ‘global warming’. In most subjects, we talk about it in general and cover it in classes. So, we all know food shortage is getting more serious as the human population is growing rapidly. We all know we should save energy, do recycling, and use fewer cars if we could. Also, we all know that many people in the world are starving every single day. However, why do we still waste so much food at school?



Everyday, do you clear your plate?

Can you imagine that at just one lunch time, we can produce 2-3 bags of rubbish? Nearly 60 kg, 25% of food ends up being thrown in the bin and most of it could have been eaten. Everyday, we fill up 4-6 black bags. Even a tiny bit of food that you throw away has an impact to the environment!



What are we doing to the Earth?

Waste of resources is a major contributor to climate change.

In the UK, 6.7 tonnes - around a third of all the food we buy end up in the landfill and most of it could have been eaten.

A staggering 4.4 million whole apples are being thrown away untouched everyday in the UK (could fill 12 double decker buses).


If we stopped wasting all this food, it would save the equivalent of at least 15 million tonnes of carbon dioxide - it is the equivalent of taking 1 in 5 cars off the road.

Most of this food reaches landfill sites where it emits methane, a powerful greenhouse gas - 25 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, all researches from ‘Love Food Hate Waste’.




I have interviewed the head of the catering staff, Mrs. Macpherson. She tells me figures and problems that we currently have at school. A shocking fact, just in lunch time, they cook 550 portion of meal for 470 of us – which are 80 more than we need! Why do they do that? Because people are taking too much! If we can eat up what we get, the catering does not need to prepare extra amount and students have late lunch can all get plenty of food.

‘The more you throw away the more we have to produce, we still have to cook what is on the menu till the end of service,’ explains Mrs. Macpherson. Any food is left on the plate will be go straight into the bin in spite you haven't even touched it. ‘You can always welcome back for more!’ she says. If you reduce the amount you take in the first place, a bigger chance that you can finish all you have got. They do not mind how much we get, as much as we want, however, we should not waste food.

Oh, maybe you think it is just a little bit on the plate for this lunch time, but if you try to add up all your waste in a day, you could be amazed how much you have wasted per week.

The catering staffs do care what we like to eat and provide a range of food for us, from Mexican food to oriental food. They have also introduced free range chickens and eggs. Bananas are all fair-trade! There is always something new for us to enjoy. If you are not sure about it, take a small portion to taste it before you get a big bowl. Do not be embraced! You are more than welcome. Suggest your opinions and talk to the catering staff or your food committee. They are always willing to pass on the message and make improvements.



Waste Food = Waste Energy & Waste Money

The amount of food we throw away is a waste of resource. Just think about all the energy, water and packaging used in food production, transportation and storage. Also, the effort made by chiefs and fuels to cook are all wasted within seconds when we throw away perfectly good food. The food we buy and throw costs a lot. If they do not need to buy the ‘extra’, money that has saved can let them to buy some higher quality of break and tea, or even donate the money to charities. Many poor people are starving to death every minute!



The School Needs YOU

Since we have wasted so much, our school is ready in process of looking at recycling. However, it takes time for research and arrangements. We have already started off with the ‘wormy’ team. Hopefully, it has raised our awareness but we would need thousands of them in order to help. Of course, many hands provide great strength. We need you! PF needs all your help to make our school ‘greener’. This would make incredible differences to both school and the world!



How Can You Help?

-       Finish up what you get

-       Share apples if you can’t finish the whole one

-       Good judgment of how much you want

-       Remind and pass along this important message to your friends

-       Give your opinions to the catering staff by either talk to them or write it down and put it in the box in the dinning hall.\


We need your help to make the school become more eco- friendly.

We don’t just talk, we act!

No good food should be wasted!



Season Tse



Information from:

Love Food Hate Waste



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catrin treanor said

at 2:57 pm on Mar 17, 2010

Thank you for adding this Season.

nigel swansborough said

at 3:03 am on Mar 18, 2010

Well done season, this is a very interesting page that identifies a problem I have never even considered before......I for one will think twice at mealtimes :-)

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