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Wear Something Bright!

Page history last edited by catrin treanor 6 years, 10 months ago

In support of WWF's Earth Hour PF had a 'wear something bright turn off the light day' on Thursday 25th March 2010


Another successful Wear Something Bright Day was held MARCH 2011!


and in 2012!


The WWF's Earth Hour is a focus for our efforts. 

Mr Swansborough has been recording our use of electricity and in order to see if today's efforts would make any difference this is what he did this week:  

Because of the variations in activity around the school, I took meter readings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and worked out the average consumption for the 3 days. This was 2 293 Kw/h per day.

As we had no idea of how supportive the girls (and staff)  would be I decided that if Thursdays figure was below average we could consider the day a success.

I expected today’s reading to be around 2 250Kw/h but was completely wrong! It turned out to be an amazing 1 995Kw/h that’s 298Kw/h below the average for the week.

It goes to prove that a little bit of effort from a lot of people can, and does make a huge difference, so, congratulations all round.

One question. Why cant we do this every day?  SO now you've made the effort let's keep it up please!


Thanks to everyone who supported the cake sale too - Grrreen raised over £60 which will go towards sponsoring an Amur Leopard : The amur leopard is one of the most endangered big cats on the planet and lives in the forested province of Primorskii Krai in Eastern Russia.



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