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Gas, Electricity and Water use

Page history last edited by nigel swansborough 7 years, 10 months ago

Welcome to the new energy page for 2010/11.

I will take meter readings every month and publish the results for Gas, Electricity and Water here.

The results for June are:-

Gas. we used 1395 units for the month at an average of around 310 units per week. This is normal for the time of year but is interesting to note that our consumption for the whole of June is less than an average week in January. It shows how much gas is used for central heating.

Electricity was 47 324 Kw/h (average 10 516 per week). Again, this is normal for the time of year.

I have taken base readings for water and will start to produce figures for this next month.


July 2010.

As you might expect the schools energy requirements drop considerably during the summer break, so, just for the record here are the latest readings.

Gas 748 units. Electicity 28 475Kw/h. and Water 53 000 liters.


August 2010.

The readings are up this month due to the school being let out in the holidays, also a massive amount of plumbing and building work which all uses energy.

Gas 991 units. Electricity 32 724Kw/h. Water 318 000 liters.


September 2010

School is back in session so, as you might expect , our energy readings have risen. They are however about normal for the time of year.

Gas 1606 units. Electricity 51 259Kw/h. Water 503 000 liters.


October 2010.

If you want to know how much central heating effects an energy bill, simply compare septembers gas reading with this month :-(   However, everything is fairly normal for the time of year.

Gas 4792 units. Electricity 58 592Kw/h. Water 440 000 liters.


November 2010.

Mixed news this month, The arctic chill over the last couple of weeks has meant the heating systems have been working 24/7 trying to keep the school warm. Our gas consumption has soured as a result to 7670 units :-(

Electricity is slightly less than last month at 57 127Kw/h :-)

 Due to the snow and ice, I have not been able to take water meter readings, the meters are located in underground chambers and the inspection covers are frozen shut!!!!! I will try again next month and publish average readings for both months, however, I am not aware of any unexpected water demand. 



The ice age continues!

Gas 12,151 units. Electricity 61,184 Kw/h.

I am still unable to access the water meters :-(


January 2011

Happy new year!

January turned out to be exceptionally mild, and this is reflected in the energy figures.

Gas 8529 units. Electricity 51, 144Kw/h.

I have still not managed to get water meter readings from every meter so can't give an exact reading, but as far as I can tell there has been no abnormally high use.


February 2011.

The readings for last month are, Gas 6752 units, Electricity 64,331 Kw/h.

I have decided to discontinue the Water readings as they are very difficult to obtain, we have established that the school consistently uses around half a million liters of water per month and as a community we are doing everything we can to prevent wastage.



March 2011.

We seemed to have used a lot of gas this month, I'm not sure why so I will check the systems for faults etc, the monthly total is 8366 units.

Electricity is also up on last month but I think this could well be due to the Catwalk event which did have a lot of extra power requirements. 70 946Kw/h


April 2011.

As you might expect, the arrival of some warm spring weather combined with the Easter break has meant that we managed a huge reduction to the schools energy use during the month.

Electricity, 41,531Kw/h.       Gas, 3079units,     :-)


May 2011

This month has seen a slight rise in the amount of electricity used, but it is still very good. 45, 266Kw/h.

Gas has dropped right down to 1574 units because the schools heating is now turned off.


June 2011.

Because of the bad weather this month and lots of end of term activity our readings are up slightly from last month.

Gas was 2183 units, mostly due to background heating for exams. Electricity 59 526 Kw/h, due to energy requirements of various activities that have been ongoing all month.

The energy readings are now complete for this academic year, I will start again after the summer break.




Here we go again!!! Just for the record, the school used the following during the summer break.

Gas 2543 units and Electicity 71473Kw/h which is all fairly normal.


September 2011.

The readings for this month are Gas 2136 units. Electicity 47 870Kw/h.

Energy prices are predicted to rise a lot over the next year, so, we all need to do our bit to keep the bills as low as possible, please turn off the lights and shut down any equiptment you have used when you have finished with it.

Finaly a reminder, if you have any energy related questions or would like to report a fault you can do so by emailing maintenance@priorsfieldschool.com


October 2011

At first glance the readings for this month seem a little high, but, I have taken them a week later than normal so, if you take that into consideration you will see that the amount of energy used is about the same as October of last year. The figures should balence themselves back out at the end of November.

Gas 5758 units. Electricity 63 023Kw/h.


November 2011

Gas 6136 units. Electricity 56 071Kw/h.


December 2011

Gas 11 659 units. Electricity 54 699 Kw/h.

We have used less energy than Dec 2010, probably due to warmer weather conditions :-)


January 2012.

The last month has been fairly mild and this has been reflected in out gas consumption. We have used 9 201 units which is 2 458 units down on last month :-)

Electricity is up slightly at 56 333 Kw/h. Due to half of December being taken up by the christmas holiday and the school being closed.


February/March 2012

I was away from school at the end of Feb so, these readings are for the previous 2 months. If you divide by 2 to get an average, they seem to be a little high for the time of year.

Gas 20 518 units.  Electricity 137 469 Kw/h.


April 2012.

We have had the wettest April since records began and the coldest since 1993. The Gas meter readings are a little high for the time of year, but, it is almost certainly due to the bad weather. Gas 6 657 units. Electricity 42 302 Kw/h.


May 2012

The readings for this month are Gas 5,810 units. Electricity 64,057Kw/h.


June 2012

These are the last readings for this academic year, I hope you all have a good summer break and, all being well we will start a new set of readings in September.

Gas 2,406 units. Electricity 47, 522Kw/h.





Welcome back to the new school year!

The new Field wing building project has meant that the school has lost a rather large, ancient , central heating boiler! it has been replaced with one that is far more energy efficient, so, it will be interesting to see if it has any noticable impact on our gas readings.

During the summer holidays the school premises are used by may different organisations so we still use quite a bit of energy, during the break this summer we used 4029 units of gas and 86051 Kw hours of electicity.

Over the comming year I will publish our energy figures monthly so that we can compare results from prievious years.


September 2012

This months readings are up a little on Sept 2011 but are still normal for the time of year.

Gas 2378 units. Electicity 53 643 Kw/h.


October 2012.

This months figures are a little higher than normal, do we need to remind everone about energy conservation?

Gas, 6542 units. electicity 64 167Kw/h.


November 2012

At first glance this months readings seem a bit high. however, there have been a large number of events happening around the school that all use extra energy. I have also identified a couple of faults with the heating controls that mean the systems are not running as efficiently as they should, these will be rectified in the near future.

Gas. 10,627 units.  Electricity 72,018Kw/h.


December 2012.

The figures for this month are:-

Gas 12,191 units. Electricity 59,875 Kw/h.


January 2013

The good news for the last month is that we have saved some Gas. I am a little suprised by this given the cold weather, we have used 11,740 units.

Electricity use is up by a lot at 70,291Kw/h........Is it time for an energy saving campaigne?


February 2013.

Due to half term there was a big saving on electricity this month, we used 58,405Kw/h. Gas on the other hand is up slightly at 12,457 units. This is probably a result of the cold weather through out the month.


March 2013.

Readings this month are. Gas 11 679 units. Electicity 73 840Kw/h.


April 2013.

Spring has arrived at last ! and this is reflected in our energy use

Gas 9 511 Units. Electricity 57 087Kw/h


May 2013

Reading for this month are. Gas 6004 units. Electricity 56,653Kw/h.


June 2013. Our final redings for this accademic year are. Gas 2783 units. Electricity 52 670Kw/h.

I will keep an eye on our energy use over the summer and start recording again in september.

Happy holidays :-)





Welcome back!

For the record the school used the following energy over the summer. Gas 3316 units. Electicity 64,060Kw/h.

The new field wing is designed to be very energy efficient, to this end, I have had some heat meters installed that will allow me to compare the amount of heat energy used in the new building and the old existing field wing area. I will start to publish this info as soon as the heating season starts so, watch this space.


September 2013

The heating systems have been turned off all month except for a few hours of testing so, our energy consumption is fairly low this month.

Gas 3,579 Units. Electicity 50,539Kw/h.

As we have not used the central heating yet, I am not able to take readings from the new heat meters in Field Wing.


October 2013

Although this month has been very mild, the heating has needed to be on a bit during the mornings and evenings. Obviously this puts our consumption up. Gas used was 6181 units. I have taken readings from the new heat meters in field wing, the results are quite interesting. Over the month the new wing required 1232Kw/h of energy whilst the old existing wing required 2344Kw/h. As you can see this is a big difference, only time will tell if this becomes a general trend.

Surprisingly, our electricity reading is down, probably because of half term, at 48,520Kw/h.


November 2013.

Colder weather and darker evenings combined with a large number of events around the school has resulted in a large rise in our energy requirements.

Gas 12,206 units. Electricity 56,421Kw/h. The old field wing needed 3,318 Kw/h of energy whilst the new building used 2,892 Kw/h.


December 2013.

A slight saving this month, probably due to the Christmas holidays. Gas 10,248 units. Electricity 48,945 Kw/h.

I have not been able to take energy readings for  Field wing this month because of work being carried out to the heating system.


January 2014.

Gas consumption is up a bit more than normal this month, not sure why but I will investigate, 13,161 units.

Electricity is OK at 64,619Kw/h


February 2014

We have made some savings this month, probably due to the mild weather. Gas 9,609 units. Electricity 43,170Kw/h.

The energy meters in field wing show that the old part of the building required 5395Kw of energy to keep warm, the new build only needed 2849Kw


March 2014.

The figures are up slightly this month, due to a longer month and no school holidays. the good news is they are lower than March 2013.

Gas 10,771 units. Electricity 59'935Kw/h

The energy meters in the new wing show the existing radiators required 5138Kw of energy while the new class rooms needed 1889Kw.

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catrin treanor said

at 1:58 am on Feb 1, 2013

thank you for posting the readings - we will have another go at promoting energy saving - club is hoping our new signs might make a difference too.
I will do my best to stat extracting the data from here for display too!

catrin treanor said

at 1:22 am on Jun 5, 2013

Thank you for keeping this page up to date - I guess the decrease is due to the sunshine rather than our efforts!!

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