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Page history last edited by catrin treanor 10 years, 2 months ago

It's two years since Grrreen Club got the school recycling paper again.


We are not sure how effective we are being though - the yellow bags go missing and forms don't seem to empty their bags?


THE RESULTS of our paper recycling survey, OCT 2010

Open this word doc to see the detail, but here is a summary of the key findings:

The good news - by far the majority of us think  that recyclign paper is very important

                                 many of us use the yellow bags quite often to put waste paper into

The worrying news - many of us also put paper in the regular dustbin, that doesn't get recycled

                                         most of us either have no idea who empties the bag or think it's the cleaners' job!


It is the responsibility of each form to empty their own yellow bag, before it becomes too heavy to carry!  Green Reps will need to decide how they are going to ensure this works in their from - forms without a yellow bag will be able to have one now that the new delivery has arrived.


May be we need to raise the profile again - some posters we could use? 


Your thoughts?



Just to get you thinking (not just about paper!)...

Some Interesting Facts

  • Up to 60% of the rubbish that ends up in the dustbin could be recycled.
  • The unreleased energy contained in the average dustbin each year could power a television for 5,000 hours.
  • The largest lake in the Britain could be filled with rubbish from the UK in 8 months.
  • On average, 16% of the money you spend on a product pays for the packaging, which ultimately ends up as rubbish.
  • As much as 50% of waste in the average dustbin could be composted.
  • Up to 80% of a vehicle can be recycled.
  • 9 out of 10 people would recycle more if it were made easier.

source:   http://www.recycling-guide.org.uk/facts.html



Comments (6)

nigel swansborough said

at 7:12 am on Sep 13, 2010

Where do the yellow bags come from? We have never had one in maintenance, as a department we throw away alot of paper that we could recycle so I'll encourage the guys to be more thoughtfull in future :-)

seasontse said

at 1:10 pm on Sep 13, 2010

I think we definitely should! As we want to be an eco-school and also we have got the facilities - we just need to remind them again.
I think one of reason why we are not doing so well because the big recycling bin is so far away from the school. It is quite hard to carry them all the way there.
Like in sixth form, Mrs. Picken has to take all the paper to her car and drive to the other side of the school. I don't think girls would have that energy and willing to take this extra step.
We should have a better system, for example, maybe the cleaners can kindly collect them once a week with a trolly?
I understand that it is not really their responsibility but that would really help us to collect most of the paper to that big recycling bin.
Also, could we have a yellow bag for the study room please?

catrin treanor said

at 1:59 pm on Sep 13, 2010

I think the company that supplied them originally may have gone out of business, RH was going to look up the paperwork he has re the recycling bank to see if we can track them down...

catrin treanor said

at 11:59 am on Oct 2, 2010

good news new paper recycling bags coming soon!

nigel swansborough said

at 2:20 am on Oct 4, 2010

good good, I am on a mission to get maintenance recycleing more :-)

nigel swansborough said

at 3:12 am on Nov 8, 2010

Raising the profile is a good idea, as apart of it maybe we should get a message accross about not using paper unnecessrily

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