It's two years since Grrreen Club got the school recycling paper again.


We are not sure how effective we are being though - the yellow bags go missing and forms don't seem to empty their bags?


THE RESULTS of our paper recycling survey, OCT 2010

Open this word doc to see the detail, but here is a summary of the key findings:

The good news - by far the majority of us think  that recyclign paper is very important

                                 many of us use the yellow bags quite often to put waste paper into

The worrying news - many of us also put paper in the regular dustbin, that doesn't get recycled

                                         most of us either have no idea who empties the bag or think it's the cleaners' job!


It is the responsibility of each form to empty their own yellow bag, before it becomes too heavy to carry!  Green Reps will need to decide how they are going to ensure this works in their from - forms without a yellow bag will be able to have one now that the new delivery has arrived.


May be we need to raise the profile again - some posters we could use? 


Your thoughts?



Just to get you thinking (not just about paper!)...

Some Interesting Facts