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Fair Trade

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 In 2011:  Fairtrade Fortnight!  We have been helping a group of Third Form and Grrreen Club as the ‘Fairtrade Team’ . They have been working hard to raise everyone’s awareness of this campaign with the support of the Geography, Textiles and Food Technology Departments. Following on from a whole school assembly before  half term, Mrs Lebus came in to talk to the Third Form about her Fairtrade company 'Recycle-recycle'. 

This week the Fairtrade Team have been adding their designs to bunting from the Fairtrade Foundation.

Why?  - The aim is to attempt a Guinness World Record for the longest and fairest-ever piece of bunting. The target is over two and a half miles of bunting! This will be equal to 12 500 decorated bunting flags that will represent each of the Fairtrade cotton farmers in Mali and Burkina Faso. Before we send our bunting off we will be using it to continue to promote Fairtrade Fortnight. On Monday of next week the girls will be selling cakes made from fairtrade produce to further support the campaign.


In 2012 we 'Took a Step' and in 2013 our cake sale helped to raise more money to donate to the Fairtrade Foundataion.

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